Why insure with us?

Our team has a combined 50 years experience in the industry. Combined with local knowledge, we have the expertise to cover you.


Our qualified team of insurance brokers can offer you general financial product advice based on years of training and industry experience. Just like you’d choose a qualified lawyer or accountant to provide you with top quality advice, choose an experienced insurance broker.

Competitive Premiums

Our brokers can offer competitive premiums as a result of industry knowledge and competitive negotiation skills. We deal with a range of insurance companies, which means we have access to policies that aren’t available to most consumers.


Insurance can be incredibly complicated to fully understand, so our insurance brokers will make sure you understand the details of a policy and work out what level of cover you need so that you are properly protected.

We are part of the largest insurance broker network in Australasia, the Steadfast Group.

This scale gives Steadfast enormous buying power, flexibility and influence when negotiating with major insurers and results in us being able to provide you with access to multiple insurance companies offering a broad range of products with competitive pricing.

Being a member of the Steadfast Group is not just a huge benefit to our clients. Our own staff also benefit from Steadfast’s extensive research, product development, training and quality assurance. That helps ensure we deliver on our promises to you!

It all adds up to better value for you, because you’re not only getting the decades of industry expertise from our brokers, but the power of the extensive Steadfast Group network.

Whatever your industry or need, we’ve got the insurance for your piece of mind. Protect what’s most important to you with full coverage, recommended by our brokers.