We can cover you for almost anything.

Take a look at our range of insurance types below. From home and contents, marine and travel, we’re sure to have you covered.

automotive insurance

WKK will help you insure your personal vehicle so you’re never caught out. Choose the policy that best suits you whether that be comprehensive cover, third-party property damage, fire and theft cover, or third-party property damage cover, there’s a car insurance policy that will need all your needs. We’ll look at your car, its age, value and model, as well as your driving history and age to ensure you’re choosing the most suitable option for you. WKK also offer Roadside Assistance for as little as $80 a year.

business insurance

At WKK we want to make sure you’re properly protected if the worst happens. We will make sure that your family and business are protected and taken care of so you have one less thing to worry about. We’re committed to finding the policy that will be most suitable to your needs.

farm insurance

At WKK we want to find the most suitable farm insurance policy for you. We offer a range of policies addressing different risks and different farms. From hobby farms to extensive operations, we will find the perfect policy to protect your crops, livestock, machinery and income.

home & contents

At WKK we understand the value of your home and the importance of security. Therefore we offer a range of home and contents insurance policies to ensure you’re getting the right protection for your home. Choose the optimal policy for your peace of mind, whether that’s basic insurance or a tailor made policy to meet your specific needs.

marine insurance

WKK understands that you need to insure your marine vessel against a unique set of conditions and problems. Therefore we offer a range of unique policies to ensure you are getting the most suitably tailored insurance for your needs.

professional insurance

At WKK we are committed to protecting your business against the risk of being sued. If you’re in an industry where you’re being payed to give advice you can be held liable if a customer suffers a loss because of you. WKK offer insurance policies that will cover any legal costs and any awarded damages so you know your business is safe. We cover a wide range of industries and are committed to protecting your business.